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Founder, Brand Designer and Consultant

Jane has many years of experience working with well known brands and emerging brands, telling their stories through design. She has worked as Design Director in some of Sydney’s best design studios, written for industry publications and acted as a recognised industry expert for the Department of Education.

Inspired by her unique way of connecting with clients and bringing to life the vision they have for their business through design and branding, Kindle Branding was born. She goes one step further and shares her knowledge so that clients can use the power of branding through design in every aspect of their business.

Through Kindle Branding Jane works closely with larger brands like Aussie Home Loans as well as the boutique brands of small businesses. She thrives on helping her clients come to life no matter the size of their business. She is also honored to do pro bono work for charities, including Dress for Success.

When she’s not deep in conversation about design and branding, you can find her building duplo towers with her two daughters, running marathons with her husband, and soaking up the sunshine with a good pot of chai.




Glenn's extensive Project Management experience across a number of Australia's largest telco companies, combined with his background and qualifications in NLP, lends the perfect balance to Jane's creative leadership. 

Always ready for a conversation about the latest trends in technology, neurolinguistics or marketing, he gives his brain a break by running ultra marathons in the mountains or paddle boarding near home.

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