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I know you're brilliant.

When I meet with clients I am immediately so excited about everything that their brand can be. Their business is their baby and they know it inside out, there is excitement and possibility… and there is so much potential!

But I also see how overwhelmed they are by everything that has to be done to make their passion come to life. And the nuances of branding are often just one more thing that they just don’t have time for. They know it matters, but aren’t quite sure why or what to do about it.

Would it be easier if it didn’t matter? Well, not really. Because if you get to know your brand (which can be a simple, intuitive process) that knowledge will actually make every other aspect of your business easier.

The greatest strain on us in business is making the right decisions, big and small. Each decision takes us closer, or further from, our great dream. And the beauty of understanding your brand is that all of these decisions become easier. When you have a clear idea of what your brand stands for, and can articulate this, it’s as if you have a checklist that every decision you make can be referenced to. Does it tick the boxes? Yes, that’s great, your clients will respond to it. No? Well maybe it’s not the right move.

So get to know and understand your brand, because it’s brilliant and shiny and waiting to meet the world.

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