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Leave them better than you found them

In our personal life G and I often talk about the importance of a spirit of generosity, and that when you interact with others the highest ideal is to “leave them better than you found them”. It occurs to me that this ethos is also the most rewarding way to do business.

If your brand interacts with a positive and value driven intent, your audience will pick up on that and respond with positivity. We all hope that will drive sales, but even when it doesn’t it will build a brand awareness and relationship that people are happy to share and happy to recall.

So often today we are spoken ‘at’ about needing to be sales driven, to “lead” the audience and “funnel” them into buying our product or service. I am not suggesting that it doesn’t work, but I am asking whether the intent of our approach helps or harms a brand that plans to be around for more than just the “quick sell”.

So maybe next time we compose a fb post, or put together a sales document, everyone will benefit if we just ask “will it leave them better than it found them”?

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